Viral Transport Medium Specimen Collection Tube VTM Kit


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  • Preserves viral samples: The VTM kit is designed to preserve viral samples during transportation from the collection site to the laboratory, ensuring that the sample quality is maintained for accurate diagnosis and research.
  • Safe and convenient: The VTM kit includes a leak-proof tube with a screw cap that ensures safe transportation and prevents spillage. The tube is also designed for the easy and safe collection of samples.
  • Compatibility: The VTM kit is compatible with a variety of sample collection methods, including swabs, aspirates, and washes, making it versatile for different types of viral specimens.
  • Sterile and pre-filled: The VTM kit comes pre-filled with sterile media, eliminating the need for additional equipment and reducing the risk of contamination during sample collection.
  • Cost-effective: The VTM kit is a cost-effective solution for viral specimen collection and transportation, making it an ideal choice for healthcare providers, laboratories, and research institutions.





Viral Transport Medium Specimen Collection Tube VTM Kit is a product designed for the safe collection and transportation of clinical specimens for viral testing. It contains a sterile transport tube with a specialized viral transport medium, a swab for collecting the sample, and instructions for proper use. This kit is easy to use, leak-proof, and suitable for collecting various clinical specimens. It is ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to ensure reliable and efficient specimen collection and transportation for viral testing.

Size: 10ml tube – 3mL medium
Liquid: Non-Inactivated
Exp: 11/26/2024
Color: N/A
Case Count: Available in 50 kits and 1,000 kits (1 Nasal Swab + 1 tube w/3mL medium + 1 bag 6×9 Inch with 2 Pockets)
Application: Medical, Laboratory, Hospital
WETEX REF#: 30025
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in

50 kits, 1000 Kits