50uL MCA TECAN Filter Pipette Tips

  • Filtered barrier: The filtered barrier prevents contamination of samples with RNase and DNase, ensuring accurate and reliable pipetting results.
  • High-quality materials: Made of high-quality polypropylene, these pipette tips provide excellent chemical resistance, making them suitable for use with a wide range of liquid types, including aggressive solutions.
  • Universal design: The tips are designed to fit the most popular pipettes, making them a versatile solution for laboratory pipetting needs.
  • Cost-effective: With a pack of 960 pipette tips, this product provides a cost-effective solution for laboratories of all sizes.
  • Color-coded: The tips are color-coded for easy identification, making it easy to select the right tip for the job, saving time and reducing errors.
  • WETEX REF: 30059



50ul MCA TECAN Filter Pipette Tips are designed to provide accurate and reliable pipetting in laboratory settings. They are RNase/DNase free and feature a filtered barrier to prevent contamination of samples. Made of high-quality polypropylene, these tips are suitable for a wide range of applications and fit the most popular pipettes. They come in a pack of 960 and are color-coded for easy identification.

Material: PET
Size: 50ul
Color: Black and White
Case Count: Available in 960 Filter Tips and 4800 Filter Tips
Application: Medical, Laboratory, Hospital
WETEX REF#: 30059
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 9 in

960 Filter Tips, 4800 Filter Tips